Meet Jacomien Jellema-Haijtema, the photographer of Ugerups Säteri, whose lens captures the essence of joy in its most authentic and captivating forms. 


The photographer 

Photography is a part of my life. As a little girl I wanted to keep all treasurable moments a live. By taking photos I was able to capture these moments. I got my first camera from my grandparents, an Agfa Camera-werk AG. Nowadays I work with Canon which I like a lot. Ugerups Säteri has a beautiful environment for taking photos. Each day is different. Do you want enjoy it too? I make a number of photos available as limited editions. They are unique, sometimes with a little mystic touch, but most of all made with passion for life.


Discover my nature collection

Shadows Daissies Mystery garden Peony Forest in Sweden Mystical Drowned rose Sweden

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Discover my horse collection

Sarynah Zanna J&H Mozart J&H Maureen Lester J&H and Nadyn Maureen J&H Bernice and Dilayla Hit J&H Hamilton J&H Zanna Esther H. Birit Zanna J&H Ceasar,  our mascotte


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