For centuries, agriculture has stood as the cornerstone of Ugerups Säteri's identity. Today, this tradition remains steadfast. Anchored by an ultra-modern stable that prioritizes efficiency and animal welfare, Ugerups Säteri strives for excellence. Here, a commitment to quality and innovation converges, resulting in the production of high-quality milk. 


Klaas Ane Jellema and Jacomien Jellema-Haijtema embarked on a journey to Sweden in 2006, accompanied by their their four children. Near the city of Kristianstad, they moved Ugerups Säteri boasting a farm of 120 cows and ample opportunities for expansion. Within a year, they were milking 180 cows, thanks to the installation of 2 Lely milking robots. 


The philosophy of Ugerup  

In 2013 Klaas Ane and Jacomien inaugurated a new barn capable of housing 380 cows and equipped with six Lely milking robots. Klaas Ane took full charge of designing the new dairy barn according to his vision. He insisted on ensuring unrestricted access to the robots, minimizing the impact of hierarchy on their usage. "I always say: a robot is essentially a feeding box that also milks. If you shift your mindset in this way, your perspective changes. As a livestock farmer, you want your feeding stations to be conveniently located throughout the barn, accessible to every animal in the herd."



Cows, of which 380 are milked


Young livestock 


Dry cows and pregnant heifers

Milking robots